Yandex started testing turbo pages

Yandex began open beta testing of turbo pages for desktop traffic. Special expansion allows you to adapt technology Turbo under the screens of computers.

In the extension for the desktop, all the capabilities of mobile turbo pages are already available: automatically selected infinite tape of recommendations from existing content, auto-distribution of ads with selection of the optimal strategy for placing ad units, detailed statistics on existing analytics counters, load distribution on the site by connecting Yandex servers and much more.

At the first stage, the expansion of technology will be tested on search traffic, a little later it will be possible to look at the results from Zen and Yandex.News. During the open beta test, the opportunities will be expanded based on the wishes of the site owners.

On mobile devices, Turbo technology has already shown its effectiveness - the browsing depth on such pages is, on average, 30% higher, and the average length of time on the site is twice as high. Sites that participated in the closed stage of testing turbo pages for desktop traffic, also noted the growth of user metrics and revenues.

Those who have already connected turbo pages for mobile devices can test the effectiveness of the new format by simply turning it on in Webmaster. Before turning it on, it is advisable to make sure that a separate monetization is set up to expand the turbo pages for desktops. If you wish, you can always turn off the display of turbo pages on the desktop in one click, if this extension for some reason suddenly does not fit.

But those who still do not have turbo pages - it's time to make them. To do this, create an RSS and add it to the Webmaster.

Recall that in early March, the settings interface for turbo pages was updated in Yandex.Webmaster. And also on the turbo pages, new advertising formats have appeared - an ad unit above the main content and video ads InPage.

Posted on Mar 12, 2019

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