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Yandex started testing turbo pages

Yandex began open beta testing of turbo pages for desktop traffic. Special expansion allows you to adapt technology Turbo under the screens of computers.

In the extension for the desktop, all the capabilities of mobile turbo pages are already available: automatically selected infinite tape of recommendations from existing content, auto-distribution of ads with selection of the optimal strategy for placing ad units, detailed statistics on existing analytics counters, load distribution on the site by connecting Yandex servers and much more.

At the first stage, the expansion of technology will be...

WordPress was the most hacked CMS in 2018

In 2018, approximately 90% of attacks on content management systems occurred on sites managed by WordPress, then Magento (4.6%), Joomla (4.3%) and Drupal (3.7%) followed by a significant margin. Such statistics are given in a new report by Sucuri on the trends in the field of hacking sites last year.

According to the report, most of the compromise cases are not related to vulnerabilities in the CMS itself, but to bugs in various themes and plugins, incorrect configuration and disorder of webmasters, who often forget to update the software. For example, only 56% of hacked sites worked on fresh ...

New era of technology 2019

The other day, Anker introduced its new tiny power supply. According to the company, such a small size of the device is due to the component that was used instead of silicon, namely gallium nitride (GaN). The growing popularity of this transparent, glass-like material suggests that one day it can surpass silicon and reduce energy consumption throughout the world.

For decades, silicon has been the backbone of the technology industry, but we "have reached the theoretical limit on how much it can be improved," says Dan Qing Wang, Ph.D. from Harvard, who conducts GaN research. According to her, al...

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